Regional Commission Seeks Employer Feedback for Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy

The Rappahannock-Rapidan Regional Commission invites all employers in Culpeper, Fauquier, Madison, Orange, and Rappahannock Counties to take a survey about the local business environment. The survey is part of a collaborative regional planning effort that RRRC is leading, along with a mix of partners across the region.

The RRRC will be preparing a Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy that establishes a vision for the region’s economic development programs and projects over the next five years. To best inform the strategies going forward, the RRRC is engaging employers and other key stakeholders to fully understand the issues and opportunities facing businesses throughout the region. Your responses to the survey will directly inform the biggest areas in need of addressing within the current business climate and aid in developing strategies going forward.

The business climate within these counties has become a prevalent issue in discussions around the potential for economic development in the region in recent years. The study will seek to identify challenges in the business climate through data-driven analysis and strategize ways to tackle these challenges through ambitious, but practical solutions.

“We appreciate all organizations small and large contributing their views and opinions into this survey. All input will be incorporated with qualitative and quantitative data also collected during the CEDS development and we look forward to sharing results and strategies as the process continues,” said Patrick Mauney, RRRC Executive Director.

The online survey is open through October 15, 2023 and should take fewer than 10 minutes to complete. The survey is available in English and Spanish and can be accessed at

The RRRC is asking all private, non-profit, and public employers in the region to take the survey so it can collect the most accurate data possible, establish employer needs, and help identify the best partners to conduct this work.

For more information about the housing study and strategy and to learn how to get involved, please visit

About the Rappahannock-Rapidan Regional Commission

The Rappahannock-Rapidan Regional Commission serves the counties of Culpeper, Fauquier, Madison, Orange, and Rappahannock, and the towns of Culpeper, Gordonsville, Madison, Orange, Remington, The Plains, Washington, and Warrenton. The 21-member RRRC board includes elected and appointed officials appointed by each member jurisdiction. Localities with greater than 3,500 residents appoint two members to the regional commission, while localities with fewer than 3,500 residents appoint one member to the regional commission.

The Rappahannock-Rapidan Regional Commission facilitates a collaborative approach to regional cooperation, and serves as a convening forum for the interaction of appointed and elected local government officials, regional stakeholders and citizen members. The Regional Commission coordinates a broad range of regional planning activities – including multi-modal and human services transportation, environmental planning, homelessness and affordable housing coordination, regional tourism, agricultural, and economic development activities. The Rappahannock-Rapidan Regional Commission is located in Culpeper, VA, and can be found online at

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